In 2019 we did something crazy...

In 2019 we brewed 52 small batch unfiltered beers.

One each week!

We brewed these in addition to all of our regular, big batch mainstay beers, and we released them each Friday.

That's a lot of brewin!

Our small batch system yields about 150-200L of beer, which equates to around 280-300 cans, or 12-13 cases, depending on the style of the beer. 

Very small batch. Very exclusive, and always selling out the day of, and sometimes even selling out before the release date via online pre-orders.

By doing this, we created a local and extremely loyal following we didn't expect - and we continue to have new Friday releases throughout 2020, with a community who now comes to expect the new and interesting things we come up with each week.

Here's what we made in 2019, from top to bottom!

Week 1: Bells Corners Beast 

Week 2: Firestarter

Week 3: White Devil - White IPA

Week 4: It's Still Good - Dry Hopped Pilsner

Week 5: Parlay - Tropical Grog with Leatherback Rum

Week 6: Polar Vortex - Eis IPA

Week 7: Icestorm - German Eisbock

Week 8: Supernova - Double IPA

Week 9: Oppy - Irish Red Ale

Week 10: Heave Away - Maple Pecan Porter

Week 11: Bitter Breakup - English Special Bitter

Week 12: Bourbon Mick - Bourbon Oak Aged Maple Cream Ale

Week 13: Cruise - West Coast IPA

Week 14: Let's Go - New England IPA

Week 15: Odds and Sods - English Cream Ale

Week 16: Craftman's Brew - Dry Hopped Light Lager

Week 17: This $h*t Is Bananas - Banana Hazelnut Brown Wheat Ale

Week 18: Jollipop Milkshake IPA - Passionfruit

Week 19: Jollipop Milkshake IPA - Boysenberry

Week 20: Jollipop Milkshake IPA - Guava

Week 21: Jollipop Milkshake IPA - Mango

Week 22: A Saison of Rhubarb and Spice - Imperial Saison

Week 23: Pops Pale Ale - American Pale Ale

Week 24: My Own Sumr (Hop It) - Double IPA

Week 25: Just Like Heaven - Chocolate Raspberry Barrel Aged Stout

Week 26: Merikuh - Adjunct Lager

Week 27: Strawberry Blonde - Strawberry Wheat Ale

Week 28: What Gose Around - Lime Gose

Week 29: Winner/Gagnant - Black Cherry Black IPA

Week 30: Hoppy IPA Day - IPA

Week 31: Blueberry Pancakes Second Helpings - Blueberry Maple Barrel Aged Cream Ale

Week 32: Peachy Keen - Peach Wheat Ale

Week 33: PRIDE - Nature - Stonefruit Lager

Week 34: Back to School - Double IPA

Week 35: Blackcurrant Summer Saison - Blackcurrant Saison

Week 36: Raspberry Dreams - Raspberry Cream Ale

Week 37: Centennial Home Harvest - Centennial Wet Hopped IPA

Week 38: Fall Spiced Latte - Spiced Milkshake Stout 

Week 39: Chinook Home Harvest - Chinook Wet Hopped IPA

Week 40: Cascade Home Harvest - Cascade Wet Hopped IPA

Week 41: Nice Buns - Cinnamon Bun Porter

Week 42: V - DDH New England IPA

Week 43: Candy Dreams - Candy Cream Ale

Week 44: William - Irish Red Ale

Week 45: The Line Begins to Blur - Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Week 46: Cranberry Pepper Jam - Saison

Week 47: Guil-tea by Association - GenMaicha Tea Porter

Week 48: Lump of Coal - Dry Irish Stout

Week 49: Christmas Bitters Sour - Spiced Kettle Sour

Week 50: Nog Hog - Eggnog White Stout

Week 51: Sugar Plum Fairy - NEIPA

Week 52: GTFO - Double IPA


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