Bell's Best Bitter Unfiltrd Project #187


Unfiltrd Project #187

Bell's Best Bitter- Best Bitter

3.4% alc./vol IBU 32



There’s nothing quite so calm and soothing as a bitter.

A Best Bitter beer brewed with Bramling Cross hops offer a delightful combination of malty sweetness and fruity hop character. 

In appearance, this beer showcases a rich amber hue, with a slightly hazy body that hints at its natural, unfiltered nature. The aroma is a delightful bouquet of fruity and earthy notes. Blackcurrant, red berries, and subtly hints of citrus, all intertwined with a gentle herbal undertone. The malt profile provides a sturdy backbone, delivering flavours of toasted bread, caramel, and a touch of biscuit-like richness. The bitterness is moderate, striking a harmonious balance with the malt sweetness. It lingers on the palate, offering a pleasant, dry finish that leaves you eager for another sip.


 Ian’s take

I love this beer, and been enjoying it a bit already! Great malt backbone, just enough hop character all in a tidy little 3.4% package.  Perfect. 

Label is a view of Bells Corners!  Went with retro styling and colour palette.  Took inspiration from old school English beer labels for the logo, but with a contemporary twist. 

Fits the beer perfectly.






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