Cali Pils- California Pilsner 5% 20 IBU


Cali Pils- California Pilsner

5% ABV 20 IBU

Refreshing. Crisp. Citrus

So we went to San Diego to celebrate someone’s 50th last month.  San Diego has been on my ‘must go’ lists for a while as it’s a craft beer mecca!  Over 120 breweries in a city not twice the size of Ottawa, we managed to hit 18 breweries in 3.5 days. 

Great to see so many people out all the time enjoying the different places – could be Monday at 2pm, middle of an industrial zone, no food, no event and still have 20 people out!  It’s not hard to figure out why though, when it’s 22C, sunny and clear with no humidity most of the year…and SO MANY GREAT BEERS!

Was thinking I’d be all over the West Coast IPAs (and I was…) but got introduced to a new to me style – the West Coast or California Pilsner.  Typical Pilsner brewing with Pilsner malts, yeast, time and temp – BUT with cool kid NEIPA hops.  Incredibly bright, clean, refreshing with tropical notes, bubblegum, mandarin orange and crisp grapefruit.  An incredible combination of a light and crispy pilsner, with NEIPA backend flavour!  The perfect beer for hanging out in sunny San Diego. 

So good… I wanted to make one as soon as I got home – and it’s finally ready!!!
For the can design, I wanted to go traditional but modern.  This is my take on the flag of California.  For me it has that timeless feel, that immediately takes me back to taco trucks and beachside beers on a clear sunny day.  It can’t get you there physically, but hopefully in spirit!


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