Havir. Czech Dark Lager 5.5% IBU 36 Unfiltrd Project #181


Unfiltrd Project #181

Havír.  Czech Dark Lager

5.5% alc./vol IBU 36


Made in co-operation with members of the local Czech Rep. embassy.  

We talked about brewing up a Czech dark lager, so asked them for a few ideas for names that might fit with the beer and that would have some distinct meaning to the Czech Republic.  Havír seemed to be a perfect fit for this beer!


Havír means miner.  It is the regional name from the North Eastern part of Czech Republic where black coal is mined.


A rich, dark, malty Czech lager with roast characteristics.  Malty with an interesting and complex flavor profile, with solid level of Czech Saaz hops to provide a bit of bite to cut through the dark roast, subtly sweet malts.


The label is a nod to the Czech coal mining industry.






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