This Sh*t is Bananas!


This Sh*t is Bananas - Banana Hazlenut Brown Wheat Ale

6.1%  20 IBU

This Sh!t is Bananas!  is finally back!  This beer predates even our Unfiltrd Project, and makes its first return since the pandemic. 

We first made this many years ago now.  People would ask us all the time to make a brown or wheat, which weren’t really all that interesting to us – until we put them together!  Sprinkle in a little chocolate and hazelnut and you’ve got yourself a nice little crepe in a beer.  

Some of the previous versions have been crazy with bananas and hazelnut, this year we dropped it back a bit to focus on the subtlety of those flavours.

 Imagine the balance of a warm brown ale, with notes of banana, depth of cocoa and smooth creaminess of the hazelnut.  It’s just perfect for those cool fall evenings.  Grab one, light up the outside fire pit and relax.


*Contains Hazelnut extract

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