Troublmakr Black Smoked Triple IPA 10% alc./vol. IBU 100


Troublmakr Black Smoked Triple IPA 10% alc./vol.  IBU 100

Celebrating SEVEN years in business – and 2 years with Sara and I as sole owners!

 Our annual birthday, super scary Hallowe’en beer!

This is a big bad@ss black ipa - a real troublemaker!  While most of our beers are on the lighter side, easy drinking gateway drug beers...this one... is a big fat punch in the mouth!

10% and 100 IBU’s should be enough... but no - we added smoked malts, a crap ton of CTZ, Challenger and Sterling hops.  The dirtiest, earthiest hops we could find.  Take that.


Minor changes this year to the batch.  Smaller batch size, added dry hops to liven it up a bit and it’s come through our best yet.


Keep Refrigerated and Drink ASAP