Hey 2022 GTFO! West Coast Double IPA. 8% 80 IBU.

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Hey 2022, GTFO!  West Coast Double IPA.  8% 80 IBU

Grapefruit. Bitter. Piney

GTFO used to be about getting rid of your family after the holidays.. but it's not that simple anymore.

Locally, 2022 stared off with the Trucker Convoy occupation that shutdown our downtown core and made everyone miserable.

We finally made our way past the lockdowns, but still have Covid lingering.. 

F*ing Putin. Inflation through the roof. Mass shooting's every other day. Too many storms of the Century. Civic unrest in so many places...

2023 has to be better... right? 

Malt forward, bittered with Sterling hops and finished with C-family hops for flavour and aroma.

Fitting beer to say GTFO to 2022!

Ian - owner/brewer.

Keep Refrigerated and Drink FRESH!

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