Home Harvest 2020. Wet Hopped Pale Ale. 4% 35 IBU


Home Harvest 2020.  Wet Hopped Pale Ale.  4% 35 IBU

Unfiltrd Project #82.  Keep refrigerated and DRINK FRESH!

The Story...
We moved back to Canada from Germany in 2007, started brewing again and growing Golding hops. In 2009 we added Cascade, Centennial and Chinook  These hops are 10 years old now - and producing beautifully at our house.

The Beer...
The focus is these amazing home grown hops. Simple malt base of 2 row and Maris otter to offer just a little warmth to the palate.
The freshness of the hops sing! Resulting in a sharp, earthy - incredibly flavourful light beer.

Ian - owner/brewer