Unfiltrd Project Beer - Jollipop! Passion Fruit Milkshake IPA (SOLD OUT!)

Sold out

Jollipop! Passion Fruit Milkshake IPA

6.2% 59 IBU   Unfiltrd Project Beer #18

The Story...
Time to have some fun.
We’ve never done milkshake IPA’s on the big system, so why not go crazy!? We brewed a big batch - and split it into four equal parts to deliver the Jollipop series of four uniquely flavoured milkshake IPA’s, the whiprsnapr way.

The Beer...
Passion Fruit rules the day here - Tropical, sweet and tart.
The body has loads of wheat, oats and lactose, while Newport hops bring the bitter, and Citra hops bring out the fruitiness.
Super refreshing, cloudy, hazy, juicy... all that good stuff.