Pineapple Bomb Pina Colada IPA

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Pineapple Bomb Pina Colada IPA

5.8%  50 IBU

The story...
We only get so much of it - so why not enjoy as much of it as we can!?
We continue to push boundaries and keep it fun with this collab we did in the baby system a few summers ago with our guy Sanford!

The beer...
This is a ‘Pina Colada IPA’ that is all about the pineapple and coconuts.
100% pure Pineapple has a vibrant tropical flavour that balances the tastes of sweet and tart. The toasted coconut provides a soft, savoury, milky sweetness to create harmony with the pineapple and Citra hops.
Get ready for a flavour bomb!

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