Troublmakrs Unfiltrd Project Beer #101 Lacuna - 5.8% and 28 IBU-4 pack

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Lacuna - 5.8% and 28 IBU

The meaning of the word "Lacuna" is an unfilled space, something missing, or a void.

Beer is a very male dominated industry - the Lacuna here lies in the presence of women, people of colour and LGBTQIA+ people in breweries.

Diving into an industry of people who don’t look like you, is scary for many reasons. We want to see more diversity in breweries, and active representation matters so much. When you see someone who is like you, doing something you’ve always wanted to do - you may have that extra push to go for it. 

Let’s work to open the doors to diversity, let missing identities know they are welcome and safe here. Let's fill this lacuna in the brewing industry, while also filling the one in your glass.

International Women's Day celebrates all people who identify as women, thank you to the wonderful women in our lives and around the world for all that you do.

- Amanda

This beer was brewed by Amanda, who does our social media marketing and is an avid homebrewer. This is a full bodied North East style Pale Ale, medium IBU, big dank hop aroma and flavour. We used only 2 row, wheat and oats, and this was hopped with the Pink Boots hop blend and heavily dry hopped with Mandarina Bavaria, Amanda’s favourite hop for its strong tangerine flavour and aroma.