Unfiltrd Project #104 Irish Folklore Dry Irish Stout

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Unfiltrd Project #102  Pooka – Dry Irish Stout  4.8%  18 IBU


Get ready for St.Patrick's Day with this weeks Unfiltrd Project release!  Theme centers around Irish Folklore.  Mythology and Ireland go hand in hand. Irish storytelling has been a staple of our culture since the dawn of time, with songs, tales, and limericks spreading the world as the Irish emigrated.  Seems most Irish myths are about scaring people! 

Pooka #104– Dry Irish Stout  4.8%  18 IBU
Beautifully dry bite, with bold, warm roasty flavours.
The pooka (or púca) are shape-changers that are some of the most feared creatures in Irish folklore. They were said to bring bad luck to those who saw them and were particularly feared around times of harvest.  Often the form of a wild dog, with red sulphurous eyes, but could also take the form of a goblin or human with animal features. They are often written as evil and bloodthirsty.
Still, there are also tales of them warning humans of accidents or being harnessed as protection.

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