Unfiltrd Project #160. 72 West Coast IPA


Unfiltrd Project #160.  72 West Coast IPA

7.2% alc./vol IBU 62


For ’72, I went decently classic West Coast, with just a little less of the typical malty caramel notes.  Super clean, with a focus on the ‘C’ hop varieties - Cascade, Centennial and Chinook – tossed in some summit for good measure.  Bitterness is appropriate at 62 IBU’s, while the hop flavour is classic American with citrus and pine at the forefront.  Flavor won't knock your socks off, but that's the point — this is a beer you'll just want to drink and stick with for a couple of rounds!

A little boozy at 7.2% but that just makes it that much better.  A wonderfully hoppy beer in the best way.