Unfiltrd Project Beer #97 - Firestarter 5.0. Chinese New Year IPA - MAX 4

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Unfiltrd Project #97.  Firestarter 5.0    6% 40 IBU


The Story:

Gong xi fa cai!  Inspired by the Chinese New Year, and this is the year of the Ox. 

I was able to spend several months of time in China and Malaysia (heavy Chinese community) and was lucky to experience the culture and cuisine. 

Sichuan spices were my favourite dishes, and loved their ability to be paired with super fresh and unique local fruits - seemed like a natural fit for our Firestarter series!

The Beer:

This was a tricky one to be sure... our Firestarter series has been upping the heat since 1.0.  We took a bit of a twist to it this time with the Sichuan peppercorns.  These are not so much hot and spicy, as they are rich and mouth-watering.  We wanted to balance out the mouth tingling, with some exotic fruit flavours - enter Dragonfruit and Mandarin!  However, it seems Dragonfruit is a more mild fruit like pear, added more to the colour than anything, while the mandarin provided that acidic citrus element.

Will melt your taste buds.

Max 4 per person

Unfiltrd Project Beer #97
Keep Refrigerated and Drink ASAP

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