Unfiltrd Project Beer #98,99,100!- Eis Beers- 6pack

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 Eis beers – a special 6 pack. 

As crazy as we are releasing weird, wild stuff all the time – our eis beers are extremely unique to our little brewery.  We have the advantage of fermenting our small system beers in vessels that we can roll around – and at this time of year – literally outside in the -15c cold!  We take ‘normally’ brewed beers, a double bock, a big IPA and a pilsner and FREEZE the water out of the beer, leaving only a juicy beer extract.  Of course, this also increases the % by quite a bit.   We don’t measure exactly, but pulling out 30-50% of a beer increases the % by at least 25%!  By doing this – we deliver concentrated flavour bombs!  We also lose out of 30-50% of the batch…

These are EXTREMELY limited, and being made available as a 6 pack sampler.

Unfiltrd Project #98 - Frozen Wanderer.  Eis Pils.  8% 32 IBU (estimated)

Literally, the extract of a frozen pilsner.

Leaving a boozy, ultra-crispy boi.

Unfiltrd Project #99 - Frozen Surfer.  Eis IPA.  10% 45 IBU  (estimated)

Brewed to be a big West Coast IPA, then

FROZEN! Leaving a boozy, ultra-crisp hop

beast of a beer!  Like an IPA extract - drool...

Unfiltrd Project #100 - Frozen Monk.  Eis Bock.  12% 27 IBU.  (estimated)

Eis Bock - an 800 year old happy accident.

Brewed as a dopple bock, froze nearly 1/3

of the batch to leave sweet boozy nectar. 

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