Unfiltrd Project Beer - Back to School?!? IIPA (max 4)

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Back to School?!? IIPA (max 4)

8.1% 79 IBU.  Unfiltrd Project Beer #79

The Story...
The three most dreaded words...
Back to school.
In 2020, it takes on a whole new meaning... do we go back? How do we go back!? Physical distancing, masks, plexiglass, online learning, class sizes, crowded rooms, sanitizers, washing hands, ventilation pandemic craziness and chaos everywhere!

The Beer...
This IIPA hits you like when you wake up and it’s time to go back to school in COVID times...
2 row, wheat and oats for big mouthfeel, with Citra, Simcoe and Azacca - this is a flavour bomb. Hop stand, high krausen and dry hopped - like your knuckles getting cracked with a ruler

Unfiltrd Project Beer #79
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