Unfiltrd Project Beer - Equinox Dry Hopped Saison

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Equinox Dry Hopped Saison

4.4% 24 IBU.  Unfiltrd Project Beer #81

The Story...

We love saisons, and we're still working to convert others. We wanted to do a straight up saison, without a crazy ABV or any added spices - but we did dry hop it with Ekuanot hops.

The Beer...

We used a clean pilsner malt base, and a Belgian saison yeast which transformed this beer into a spicy, fruity offering - the fruit flavours are amplified by the Ekuanot.

Ekuanot is another word for Equinox, and this week, September 22nd is the Autumn Equinox where night and day are each exactly 1 no 2 hours. A perfect blend - we hope this beer is the same for you!