Unfiltrd Project Beer - Firestarter 4.0 Mango Habanero IPA. (max 6)

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Firestarter 4.0 Mango Habanero IPA

6.7% 53 IBU.  Unfiltrd Project Beer #77

The Story...
Bringing the heat - this time - from the jungles of the Amazon!
Fire roasted habanero peppers with mangoes for that tropical sweetness.

The Beer...
Starting with a Smoked IPA of 2 row, biscuit and smoked malts for that bold nutty smoky body.
We dropped Mosaic hops in early and late, to help amp up the tropical fruit flavours and balance the smoke and spice.
Loads of fire roasted habaneros really pack a punch.
You keep asking for more heat...
proceed with caution.

Unfiltrd Project Beer #77
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