Unfiltrd Project Beer #95 - Gives you Wings. Keto friendly APA

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Gives you Wings - Keto Friendly American Pale Ale

Gives you Wings.  Keto friendly APA.  5% 30 IBU.


The Story…

It’s January.  Everyone has resolved to eat better, drink less and exercise more – all very positive things.  At the brewery, we’ve always encouraged people to #earnyourbeer and with this beer… help you consume a few less carbs!

This Keto friendly APA is focused on fewer carbs, which can present a challenge for us brewers... but we love a challenge!


The Beer...

We did some research, and found that by using a different brewing process, we could use the same ingredients but brew a beer lower in carbs.  The great part is that it’s still SUPER tasty!  Great hop taste but lighter/cleaner body (less residual sugars ie: carbs!).  

We used mandarina bavaria hops this time out, to impart sweet orange citrus flavours of tangerines, mandarin oranges and clementines.

Won’t fill you up or slow you down!

Unfiltrd Project Beer #95
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