Unfiltrd Project Beer - It's Fine -7.2% 59IBU Coffee IPA Max 4

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7.2% 59 IBU Coffee IPA

The Story...

“It’s Fine.” seems to be the answer for everything in 2020 as we all just try to get by... 

Been drinking lots of coffee and beer, so why not put them together?

We teamed up with Izere Coffee to bring you this Coffee IPA!

 The Beer... 

Straight up IPA with Ekuanot hops that deliver fruity aromatics of lemon, lime, orange, tropical fruit, berry and papaya.   Izere’s blend adds aromatic flavours of the Arabica coffee beans.

It’s quite fine ;-)


Ian - owner/brewer.


Unfiltrd Project Beer #90

Keep Refrigerated and Drink ASAP

Limited availability!!!  Max 4 on Day 1.  

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