Whiprsnapr 8th Anniversary and Haunted Brewery

Our Haunted Brewery is Back! 
Saturday October 29th is our 8th anniversary, and the Haunted Brewery has always been a big part of the celebration.
We overhaul the brewery to spook, creep and delight everyone. Kids included! 
Festivities will start at noon and run till 11pm.
Daytime will be family fun time, so kids, bust our your costumes and get your fill of treats! We'll have pumpkin carving and a slightly less scary Haunted Brewery for the kids to tour. 
In the evening, the Haunted Brewery will shift to scary mode. Enter if you dare... 
DJ Bryson will be pumping our the beats, costume contest and hallowe'en beers will be flowing.  Our Troublmakr Imperial Black Smoked IPA will make it's annual return! 10% 100 IBU - it's scary good. 
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